Cheerios Commercial Analysis Essay

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Cheerios Commercial Analysis Essay As seen on Ellen, Heaven and her mother, Tianne are featured doing a dancing

duet together. Heaven and her mother make an incredible first performance

followed by many more appearances on the Ellen Show. At 3 years old, Heaven

is a young, and extremely talented dancer. Heaven and her mother became

internet sensations after posting a video on YouTube. In the video, the two

danced to a very popular Beyoncé song. A commercial aired early January in

2016, for the famous cereal brand, Cheerios. This commercial portrayed Heaven

and her mom, Tianne dancing together, while advertising the cereal. Using this

well-known imagery, the commercial is suggesting that this cereal will make you

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This commercial also may give some viewers the

impression that if they eat Cheerios they too can be a talented dancer.

Ethical appeals made throughout this advertisement are the claims made

about Cheerios making your heart stay healthy. It will definitely attract viewers

to want to purchase this product, because people are always looking for new

ways to improve their nutrition. If what they say is true, viewers can count on the

fact that this essential breakfast will help them live a healthier lifestyle and keep

a healthier heart too. This commercial makes multiple claims, that create a

trusting foundation that this cereal will improve the consumer’s well-being. The

actors both portray to be physically fit, showing that Cheerios really do make you

a healthier person.

A goal of the commercial is to attract viewers to buy this product to provide a

more healthful balanced lifestyle. It connects viewers by convincing them that

this cereal will make them more like the idealistic girls featured in the

commercial. This cereal is meant to better lives, and be a nutritious way to start

the day off right. This commercial is meant to persuade viewers by exemplifying

how significant this cereal really
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