Cheerios Rhetorical Analysis

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Cheerios: The Heart Healthy Heartwarming Brand

The world is commonly attracted to the imagery of wholesome loyal family love with the idea of simple family life as open and inviting with nothing but trust and good intentions in sight, and that’s exactly what advertisers take advantage of being the masters of manipulation that they are using both obvious and subconscious methods to appeal to their audiences. An example of this could be found in a popular Cheerios ad from General Mills. The scene begins with a little girl walking into the kitchen to her mother sitting at their breakfast table, and she puts down a box of Cheerios asking if the cereal is as good for your heart as her dad told her. Her mother confirms her statement by telling
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The Cheerios: “Good for Your Heart” commercial uses the curious good-natured actions of a child and the relatable response of her parents paired with interesting lighting choices to attract families to sympathize and…show more content…
The little girl is the focal point and driving point of the ad bring forth each event from asking her mother about the cereal to putting the cereal on her father’s chest; its all about her actions and reactions from the that push the point of the ad identified later with the word love being displayed in bold. The camera is always following the little girl and emphasizing her emotional response to all that happens from her look of curiosity to her big grin as she runs off out of the scene. Without her there is no ad because she is the part of family that people love the most. That unconditional love without any need for understanding or reason, and the audience’s recognition of this is what the advertisers wanted. According to Matt Rosenau (2012), advertisers draw on the emotional response of their audience purposely creating an emotional appeal and associating a positive emotion to the product even if not naturally associated. This is referred to as the Pathos Technique. Cheerios uses the little girl to create an emotional attachment to their audience appealing to the basic human attraction to children and the cute unnecessary
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