Cheerleaders-Personal Narrative

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As my dad and I arrived at the game, the fan were cheering so loud that we heard them as soon as we step out of the car .I said to my dad “It’s so loud that it could wake up the dead In excitement, we quickly walked to the gate, with this being, my first college game and the Miami hurricanes were playing their rivals the Florida state Seminoles ,I could not wait .We finally reached the gate and handed the man our tickets ,and he said “Today is your lucky day son ,your ticket is the winning ticket and you can choose were u want to sit .He said I can sit with the cheerleader for half of the game and the other half with the football players .I was so ecstatic that I could not talk not even talk .
I asked the man could my dad come with me and he said, of course, he can, you have to have a parent or guardian with you. I decided to sit with the cheerleaders the first half of the game and the football players the second half .A man with a security jacket on came take my dad and I to the field were the cheerleader were .As we walked on the field, the security man told the girls that I had the winning ticket, and they all ran over to tell me
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My mouth dropped and turn to my dad and asked where are we going? The security guy said “they didn’t tell u my dad and I both said at the same time tell us what? You also get to go in the locker room to meet all the players. I could not help myself ,I started jumping up in down with excitement .Walking through the door I heard my name chanted , the closer I got .It was them, all I could remember thinking was how huge they were. This was nothing like watching the game on TV, it was real, face to face with my favorite team players. I was allowed to stay back there for 5 minutes and then I had to go so they can get ready for the second half of the game .They told me they would see me on the field , then off we
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