Cheerleaders Persuasive Essay

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Cijae Snodgrass
5th Hour
When you are in front of a crowd of fans and they are all cheering you on it is the best feeling in the world. Whether you are winning or losing the excitement of the fans can keep our spirits high. Cheerleaders are the people who keep the crowd cheering and keep the team motivated. Their amazing stunting and routines get the crowd on their feet and cheering their team on. Cheerleading should not be regulated because of dangerous stunting or even so called “provocative” dance routines, everyone has a different opinion on what is considered dangerous or provocative. In 1996, the CPSC attempted to add some clarity to its injury statistics by reporting that cheerleaders between the ages of five and twenty-four were not as likely as athletes in other sports to suffer injury. According to the commission's report, only about 18,000 cheerleaders were injured in 1966 compared with roughly 326,000 basketball players and 514,000 football players. Dr. Mark Huchinson says, “Compared with other sports, cheerleading carries a relatively low risk of injury.” “Cheerleading injuries have been attributed to lack of experience, inadequate
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Critics assert that, as performers, cheerleaders should be entitled to express themselves in whatever fashion they with. While cheerleaders may participate in routines deemed suggestive by some observers, those dances are not provocative enough to negatively affect either performers or spectators, they say. Other opponents insist that the suggestive dancing in question is not a very common occurrence at sporting events. Throughout games cheerleaders may put a few stunts in the air during timeouts, but that is all they would have time for. Cheerleading routines usually only take place at special games such as homecoming, other than that provocative routines are not very common, in the highschool level that
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