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Cheerleading helps build your academic skills in school. In school girls and boys have to keep a 70 or higher in regular school. If you do not keep a that grade you will get “benched”, and will not be able to cheer for that time, until students are able to bring their grades back up.
“Cheerleaders may not fail any course and must maintain an overall 70 average. 2. At mid-quarter, if a cheerleader either is failing a course or does not have a 70 average, he/she will be placed on academic probation. 3. Definition of academic probation: cheerleader must be monitored, turn in a weekly progress report to coach until grade improves, and must attend weekly tutoring at coach’s discretion. Refusal to any part of probation is immediate removal from team. 4. They will have until the end of the nine weeks to bring up their grade. 5. At the end of the nine weeks, if grades have not improved, the cheerleader will not be able to participate in pep rallies or games until the next grade check. 6. At the next grade check, if grades still have not improved and returned to an overall 70% average, the cheerleader will be removed from the squad”(auburn). There is no excuse for why someone should be failing a class when in a sport. And in cheerleading every girl needs to be in every practice, so when the girls are failing a class she is taking
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When a cheerleader improves his or her grades it shows the coach that cheerleading means a lot to him or her, so the spot goes back to her. If him/her keep their grades up, she/he will not have to worry about losing the spot again, that makes everyone on the team happy, because when it's practice time everyone on the team is there. So keeping up everyone's grades is a good thing, because if passing is not an option why should someone get the option to pass on a team. But when passing is the option that everyone pick then everyone is happy, and everyone can finish the year out
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