Cheerleading A Sport Essay

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A cheerleader is like an elastic band, they are flexible, they stretch, and they spring when they get flung into the air. Cheerleading is intense and fiercely competitive but most people deny the fact that cheerleading is an actual sport. The definition of a sport is “an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment” (“sport”,par1). This definition applies to cheerleading just as much as it does any other “sport.” Meaning, cheerleading is and should always be considered a “sport.” Cheerleading requires both technical skills and physical fitness. Much like Doyne, cheerleaders often argue, “Why should cheerleading not be considered a sport when it required a…show more content…
A competitive cheerleading team has two minutes and thirty seconds on the mat to prove themselves, whereas all other sports have all season. Cheerleading should have just as much as an opportunity to be considered a sport as any other women 's sport. Many years ago cheerleading was deceived to be just a bunch of girls wearing short skirts on a sideline so they abjured the fact that it was a real sport. People believe that the sport is just based off of looks and crowd entertainment “It was created to get the crowd riled up and cheer on others who were actually playing sports. And how about the fact that it has a huge element of looks? These girls are supposed to look hot, at least they usually tend to. What sport has any basis in how you look?” (“Opposing views”, par.5). To this day people still have the idea that cheer is just yelling to support the boys and that 's why they think it should not be considered a sport. What people don 't know is that cheerleading has evolved to be so much more than that. Despite popular belief, cheerleading is no longer just tight skirts and bows and it shouldn 't be subjected to that any
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