Cheerleading Accomplishments

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Many people have good and bad experiences about the sports or hobbies they love. For myself, cheerleading is one of those that I have excelled in due to the amazing coaches that have taught me. It is not only a skill, but a respectable title in my eyes. Although I have grown a love and passion for cheer, it was not easy at first glance. Unfortunately, failure came before success. This experience has aided me in all other aspects of my life, because it serves as an encouragement whenever something does not go as planned.
Having been apart of different cheer teams for about 5 year. Some of my accomplishments would include first place at nationals, first place winner at state, and first overall best at UCA camp. I was even able to make the SACS Varsity cheer team, which is an unforgettable experience knowing that they are one of the best in town. Every single accomplishment has been worked for with hours and hours of preparation, and even years in experience. Nobody would ever imagine that my first year trying out as a cheerleader I had been rejected. Although I did fail at cheer my first try, it only fueled me to try out again the following year. After weeks and
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Cheerleading has taught me so many life lessons and has given me the opportunity to meet new people from all over the country and learn from their accomplishments. I learned that even after failure one must learn from his or her mistakes and to make those improvements where necessary. It was not about proving those who doubted me wrong, but to give those who had the same desire an example. It also helped me serve as that kind of ambassador for the school. This has helped me look at the world and ask myself what is missing from it that I am able to provide. It helps me decide what kind of ambassador I can be for the community that I take part
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