Cheerleading Artifact Assignment

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For this artifact assignment I have chosen to dig deep and pull out my inner cheerleader. Well to be honest I did not have to dig to deep. I love to cheer, all things cheerleading, and being peppy! The requirements for this assignments were simply to, and I quote the assignment submission page: “Design, gather, or produce materials using the arts that could be used in your classroom to enhance instruction in your content area. Your artifact will be completely unique and representative of your field of study as well as to one of the ideas, topics, and chapters studied within the course.” I have chosen to utilize cheerleading as a form of recreational kinesthetic art to help enhance instruction in an ELA lesson plan for 3rd grade spelling words. How you ask? I will tell explain to you in the following bullet points:
• 1st create a list of spelling words for third grade with ten spelling words.
• 2nd take a word and create a cheer out of it by utilizing my cheerleading talent.
• 3rd after all of the words have a cheer I will then teach the spelling word cheers to my students.
• Each of the spelling word cheers will have a movement, chant, or cheer that will help students remember the word.
This assignment will help students remember how to spell a word by using their whole body. When students
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It began with cheering for flag football. I can remember learning so many cheers and chants. To this day I can still recall many of them. This kind of kinesthetic learning tapped into that part of the brain that helped me remember. Heck, I am 24 years old and can still do cheer I did when I was 5 years old. Obviously this had a long lasting impression on my memory. Words like: psyched, victory, defense, offense, longhorn, and touchdown were some of the first words I learned to spell by memory. Face it we all know how to spell Bananas and Respect due to fabulous women who chanted it in their
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