Cheerleading Argumentative Essay

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Victoria C. Acosta
Dr. Jillian Wenburg
Comp 252-4
February 27, 2017
Annotated Bibliography: Cheerleading vs. Health Aspects
Ball, M. (2012). Sideline no more: The athletic and aesthetic qualities of cheer. Physical & health education journal, 77 (4), 30-32. /login?url = While reviewing Ball’s article, she points out important skills sets to engage in cheerleading. Cheerleading has become more than just a sport, but a way of life and a drive for more active exercise. Ball describes the basics of cheer, not being an anti-feminist sport and how the sport has changed from back in the 70’s until today's date. This article is relevant to have an argument against Johnson’s article about how cheer is a healthy and safe sport. The author is a science teacher and a writer for the Physical and Health Education Journal with many other scholarly articles on the same topic.
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B., & Sailors, P. R. (2013). Don’t bring it on: the case against cheerleading as a collegiate sport. Journal of the Philosophy of Sport, 40 (2), 255-277. 10.1080/00948705.2013.785421 Both authors describe how cheerleading is not a sport and the dangers that cheer can bring to your body. But, as you can see in Joshua’s article, your health can be saved by safe exercise and healthy life choices. Joshua’s article provides more up-to-date research results about the health of cheerleading and how it can affect your body in a positive way than in Johnson’s article. This is necessary to show the current health implications of this intense sport. This article’s publication in a peer-reviewed journal only four years ago indicates that it is a current scholarly
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