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Throughout my seventeen years of life, the most difficult thing that I have coped with mentally and emotionally is my parent's divorce. Everyday I think to myself “how can my life go from perfect to a disaster in such a short amount of time”. In my imagination we had the perfect family. My dad is a police officer, my mom was a teacher, we lived in a big house with a pool, and two dogs. What more could my siblings and I ask for? “When you take things for granted, the things you are granted gets taken” is a quote that began to play a substantial part in my life. Never would I have ever thought my family would be cleaved apart. The separation brought me problems emotionally, financially, and also socially. Furthermore, around the time of me finding out my parents were divorcing, I was informed the amazing news of me becoming captain of the Selma High School Cheerleading Squad. Of course I was ecstatic, I attained one of my many achievements in life. In my perspective I was the greatest captain I could have ever been, I produced cheers, dances, and etc., did them on time, and also I created a bond between a group of girls that could never be destroyed. Unfortunately, dealing with responsibilities as captain and also going through things at home was a bit overwhelming. I came to practices and performances with…show more content…
Looking back over all the things I have done I can truly say that I am a strong person. Above all, I was able to control my emotions on my own. I was able to get through the financial predicament and countinue to cheer. Lastly, I was able to build my social group back up and make up the times I missed with my friends. In essence, this situation didn’t break me it just made me stronger. I kept faith in God, and faith without work is dead. I started speaking things into existence and I have been living in my best

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