Cheerleading Is Not A Sport Essay

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Cheerleading isn’t a real sport
When people think of sports they think of homeruns being hit, touchdowns being thrown, goals being kicked, hockey players beating each other up, and hearing the swish of the net. Not a bunch of girls running back and forth doing flips and tricks.
I believe cheerleading is not a sport for one of many reasons. First of all when a sport is being played whether it’s Baseball, Football, Soccer, Hockey, or Basketball there’s always periods, halves, quarters and the game usually takes about 3 hours. With cheerleading, they perform for about 3 minutes to a song in front of a couple judges. When people attend sports events, they want to sit down with family and friends to enjoy the game for a while. They don’t want to have to wait through a whole cheerleading competition just to watch a …show more content…

It’s more of a competition because you have judges, and not referees or umpires. The judges base the score usually on how many mistakes a cheer team makes and the kinds of flips and tricks they do. The more mistakes they make, the less the score will be on the score sheet. But, if you make less mistakes and your flips are very good the score will be very high. Unlike sports, there is no season or schedule where cheer teams face each other to try and win. There are usually just 2 or 3 competitions a year.
Finally, I believe that cheerleading is not a sport is because when you go to a football game or basketball game, you’ll see the cheerleaders on the sideline cheering their team on. They will have a bunch of makeup on, try and make their hair look perfect, and wear short skirts while cheering the for the actual sport being played. They aren’t getting all dressed up to compete against anyone or try to win anything but rather to feel good and look good. I think in sports, that facing each other, and me trying to stop you and you trying to stop me is what makes the great sports

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