Cheerleading Narrative

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It’s been said that effort, determination and attitude are key to success. Since my 7th grade year, I have been in cheerleading. Beginning my freshman year, cheerleading tryouts were something I would have to endure throughout all of high school. Before my freshman tryout, I worked on learning eighty five cheers in approximately three weeks. I watched videos, went over the motions and practiced jumping on the trampoline for around three hours a day. Being the perfectionist I am, I wanted to look great in front of the judges and get onto the competition and varsity squad with all the juniors and seniors. My hard work payed off, and I made the varsity and competition squad my freshman each subsequent year. I was a “base” (The girl on the bottom…show more content…
I walked out into the hallway and could hardly breathe. I was pulled from the competition but still traveled with the team. It was sad to see them perform without me, but I knew my health was more important. Senior year, I started cheerleading with new coach and everything was going well. No one had been hit in the head or hurt. At the homecoming game, I threw a girl into the air and something went wrong with my wrist. The pain in my wrist got worse as the week went on, and I received a brace to wear. The pain didn’t go away before the competition, but I wasn’t going to let my team down. I told myself everyday to forget about the pain and work hard to make the competition performance great. I didn’t want to spend another year standing on the sidelines of I could be perform with the team. My wrist hurt terribly, but I performed to the best of my ability. The competition went great, and I didn’t feel the pain until after our two minute routine was over. Cheerleading has shown me that my determination, attitude and effort help me accomplish great adventures in life. My effort in cheerleading not only reflects my effort in other activities but also in the classroom. I haven’t ever been one to give up until I am told to stop because if my
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