Cheerleading Research Paper

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The question is, what floor would be best to stunt, tumble and do jumps on in the sport of cheerleading? Spring floor, which is a wood platform on the bottom, and a lot of thick springs, then on the top there is a soft carpet type mat. It is flexible and it gives the cheerleader power from the springs. Gym floor, which is a flat surface it does not give the cheerleader power and it is not flexible? Cheerleaders all know which floor would be easiest for them. Different surfaces are better for certain things. Some floors can be safer and keep from preventing injuries. Cheerleading is a growing sport. In the United States increasing by 18% per year, most ages of the cheerleaders start at the age of five. Injuries are increasing with the cheerleader’s…show more content…
Cheerleading is spared; it’s known that the lower limb injuries, specifically the ankle, are common in cheerleading do to the landing. Also, little support that an exercise program may prevent injury. Catastrophic injuries are on the rise and suggested on rule change and updates on regulations regarding stunt and surface restrictions seem reasonable. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) was developed in 1906 to protect athletes. In 2004, demonstrated that the physical fitness of a cheerleader is similar to that of any other collegiate sport by comparing results on the various physical test. Cheerleading has summer camps, tryouts, regular practice schedules and competition. Comparable to gymnastics, a high level of strength, agility, power, and flexibility are required for the acrobatic-like maneuvers, cheerleading stunts and pyramids. So from this which floor would prevent less injuries spring floor or gym floor. For myself, it would be simple to do all things on spring floor, because gym floor would cause more injuries, such as ankle sprain, etc. Spring floor has more of the soft surface then gym floor does, so spring floor would cause less injuries and you can cheer and have fun longer and not hurt yourself on gym floor, where you have to sit out most of the season with the
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