Cheerleading Stereotypes

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We all are entitled to our opinion of sports. Therefore like Football, Cheerleading and even Tennis. But cheer has a lot of opinions of if it is determined as a sport or not. For instance reasons why cheer is or is not determined as a sport is, stereotypes, sideline cheer, and sport qualifications.

For example, Cheerleading is or is not determined as a sport is by stereotypes. Starting off, in the article Myths About Cheerleading and Cheerleaders, Valerie Ninemire, “They are as old as the sport itself: those pervasive stereotypes about cheerleaders and cheerleading.” This evidence shows me that stereotypes have been around for awhile if they are as old as the sport, which means that the stereotypes that were told or made up back then seemed
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For instance in the article Sideline vs. Competitive cheer: Cheerleaders discuss the difference it says “Senior Reagan Tummons, agrees that Competitive cheerleading is her favorite of the two because they are actually working towards a goal which is getting that first place.” This statement describes that competitive cheer actually works for first place/goal and that is a qualification in What a sport is? And it doesn’t state that sideline does the same. As Renee R wrote in Cheerleading is a sport, “Sideline cheerleaders’ main goal is to entertain the crowd and lead them with team cheers, which should not be considered a sport.” This piece of evidence could not be any more descriptive, that cheering for a crowd and keeping up energy may be a hobby but sideline cheer is absolutely not a sport! Another thing that Terry Zeigler said in Is competitive Cheer a sport?, “Traditionally, sideline cheerleading was not considered a sport because its primary purpose was to support other teams. However, does this argument still stand in light of the changes that have occurred in cheerleading?” Finally this claim from the article shows me that people have already decided that sideline isn’t a sport, but when competitive came along they most likely thought the same. Sideline is one of the biggest affects of why cheer is or is not determined as a…show more content…
So like in What is A sport? By Topend Sports, “A human skill involving physical skill or exertion.” This definition of a sport explains that this is a qualification and COMPETITIVE cheerleading meets the standard criteria by how we have tumbling and stunting, which requires a skill or exertion. Another statement by Topend Sports in the same article from before, that states “Governed by a set of rules or customs.” This meaning of the qualification of a sport is that it must be ruled over, which is time limit, score sheets and mat size. Then finally also in Topend Sports, What is a Sport? exclaims, “Undertaken competitively and capable of achieving a result.” Preferring to this sport qualification that shows me that it must have competitions and winning, which competitive cheer follows this qualification right on. Lastly sport qualifications makes cheer determined or not as a
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