Cheerleading Stunts

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A lot of people think that cheerleaders are just there to be pretty. That is not true, though. There are a lot of things to do just to get on the team like being in shape. In my paper I will explain that. I have been on the team so I know, there are chants, stunts, and gymnastics. Cheerleading is hard work.

One thing I have to work hard at is the form and yelling loud enough when I am doing chants. Chant are the words that the cheerleaders yell. The form has to be close to perfect because if you want to be on time you have to do the correct motions to the chant. If the coaches didn’t care about your form it would look like you learned the chant that day. Cheerleaders supposed to be graceful. If most of the team can’t get
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A stunt is when there are four people and possibly spotters around the stunters. There is a flyer, back, and two bases. There has to be a lot of strength especially in the back and bases because they have to get the flyer off the ground. The flyer has to still lift themselves up to though. A stunt is very dangerous though because a flyer could fall but that is what the spotters are kind of for. In order to do a stunt at a game, it has to have words to it.

The final thing I have to work hard at is gymnastics for strength. It is hard because there are many drills that you have to do before gymnastics so you don’t pull a mussel. The coaches push you to your limits so you can achieve your goal. If you are not doing the drill that you are supposed to be doing the whole team will have to do more conditioning. Conditioning is like exercising, but a little harder. Cheerleading is hard. Cheerleading is a fun sport though at certain times. There is a lot of effort put into it. Like when doing the chants, stunts, and gymnastics. When I important part of football like when they get the crowd cheering for them. To be on the did cheer it was difficult to have other activities going on. Cheerleaders, I think, are a team you have to be devoted to it sometimes can be
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