Cheesecake Factory Case Study

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RESTURUANT REVIEW THE CHEESECAKE FACTORY The Cheesecake Factory started out as a small bakery that sold desserts to other restaurants. It was officially established as a restaurant with an extensive dessert menu in 1978 in Beverly Hills, California. The second restaurant opened in 1983 in Marina Del Rey. The Cheesecake Factory is now a very successful restaurant that has around 175 branches all around the world, known for its huge portions and delicious food. It features over 250 items made from scratch in their menu, along with 40 desserts, all gathered up in a sophisticated fusion cuisine that brings together American and a little bit of Chinese foods. My family and I decided to go to The Cheesecake Factory during a summer vacation to Los Angeles, coincidentally, the nearest one was the second branch that opened in 1983. Valet parking was offered so we got out of the car and admired the glamorous lighting as we entered. We had to wait in the outdoor lounge to get a table, since there were no reservations and the customers get their menus on a first come first served basis. The beautiful scenery distracted us from boredom before the 45 minute wait was up. The lady at the door greeted us and took us to an indoor table that looked out over the patio where people were enjoying their meals. The décor was absolutely, distractingly magnificent! Beautiful, classic paintings hung on the complicated walls which formed unexpected curves and lines that were put together elegantly and

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