Cheesecake Informative Speech

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Inform: One piece must be written to inform, give information, give facts etc.
This could be in the form of a report or list of instructions e.g baking.
This piece was written to inform someone how to make a cheesecake.

This is a tutorial on how to make a cheesecake. The type of cheesecake is a no bake, vegan, lemon and blueberry flavoured cheesecake. This means it is completely dairy and egg free. Plus no use of an oven! The other bonus is it is a fully gluten free recipe. This recipe can cater for guests with a wide range of diets or eating issues.

For this recipe you will need to get the following ingredients to make the base of the cheese cake. ½ cup of pitted dates,
½ cup of almond a pinch of salt.

For the top of the cheesecake you will need to previously prepare ¾ cup of cashew nuts,
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Leave the cheesecake to thaw to room temperature for 15-20 minutes. Next add any extra desired toppings, cut, and eat.

Persuade - One piece must be written to get the readers to agree with you
This could be written in the form of an argument or letter of complaint, debate, speech.
This piece will be talking about the importance of young people voting.

Did you know, in the past few years only 80% of 18-24 year olds have voted? This means a large group. (20%) are not taking part in voting. Young people have the largest group of non-voters compared to other age groups.

There are many reasons why it is important young people vote. Young people have many differences. That is compared to older people in New Zealand. This means they have different wants.

For example more young people often want a higher minimum wage and help with student loans. In comparison older people will want more help with retirement.

Because of their different needs/wants they will vote differently on different subjects. With an absence of young voters, also comes an absence of our opinions being

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