Cheeseman V. Jan Case

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minutes the families where negotiating with Jan to take their case, but their negotiations failed due to lack of data and research. They did not know who was to blame for the cause of the leukemia of their children. But, because there was no tangible being or entity to attach the case to, Jan felt he should not take the case and risk losing it. • By walking away he ended the negotiation. • Cheeseman wanted use rule 11 to prevented case from forward, but his motion was denied when the judge ruled against him. 50 minutes Jerry, tells Jan that he does not want him to be involved in the case, because Jan will beat him. “Tell me what you got here so far and I will have a check cut and we will all get on with our lives” This verbal communication…show more content…
Upon entering the chamber he realizes the defendants have been drinking coffee with the judge. Jerry, begins to explain to Jan that if the city well water was contaminated then he doesn’t have a solid case. Therefore the case should not continue. The judge agrees with Jerry, at this point Jan disagree and try’s to negotiate with the judge that case should continue, because the families want to testify. The judge then suggest that he will present the jury papers with simple questions to determine if the case continues. These questions include, “After October first 1964 and August 27, 1968 respectively, Did those chemicals contribute to the well water contamination” Jan is further losing the negotiation when he asks the judge “did the questions come from a hat ?”. The second question the judge asked was “What, according to a preponderance of the evidence, was the earliest time the month and year, at which these chemicals substantially contributed to the contamination of the well?” Lastly, The third question was a further complication of the second question. John continue to try to ask the judge what is the meaning behind the question to salvage what was left of the

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