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Chef Chad Clift Debunks the Myths on Fat With obesity rising to an alarming level, Chef and restauranteur Chad Clift works hard to educate his staff and customers about the dangers and benefits of fat. It is widely accepted in the scientific and medical communities that a low fat diet is one of the keys to a healthy and long life. Most people, however, do not realize that you should not remove all sources of fat from your daily diet. In reality, there are fats that are good for you, and vital to your growth and development. While the bad fats increase your chances for heart related illnesses and obesity, good fats work to protect your heart and help your brain function properly. All dietary fats stem from the plant and animal based foods that…show more content…
Chad Clift Makes Great Pho In the city of Seattle, Pho is one of the most popular dishes served in many restaurants. Chef Chad Clift is serious about his Pho, and makes a superb version of this Vietnamese noodle soup. Pho, pronounced “fuh”, is named after the rice noodles that are included in every variation of the dish. Traditionally, Pho is a combination of broth, noodles, herbs, and meat. In the Asian country of Vietnam, Pho is considered to be a street food, sold by vendor off of their traveling carts. In the United States, Pho has become a trendy alternative to the typical Asian takeout option. While Western countries have only recently caught on to the Pho craze, in Vietnam, it is a staple meal. Southern Vietnamese residents eat Pho for lunch or even breakfast. In Northern Vietnam, Pho is enjoyed any time of day of night. After the conclusion of the Vietnam War, many refugees from the country were displaced, and forced to immigrate to other lands. As these Vietnamese peoples moved out of their home land, they took their cooking methods with them. This lead to the introduction of dishes like Pho to nearly eac continent of the…show more content…
He starts with a rich and hearty beef broth that is seasoned with the traditional spices of ginger, clove, and star anise. While he sometimes makes Pho with chicken as the main source of protein, he prefers to use a good cut of beef, such as brisket. 8. Chad Clift and His Love of the Seattle Dog Seattle restaurant owner and Chef, Chad Clift, likes a hot dog just as much as the next American. However, in his home city, the Seattle Dog is a different beast altogether. For nearly four decades, the Seattle Dog has grown to become a regional variation on a traditional American fast food. This Washington state take on the standard hot do has one stark difference to the dogs sold in places like New York, and that is the addition of cream cheese. For the ultimate Seattle Dog experience, visitors to the state need only walk down any downtown street. Vendors selling these ingenious fast food items are found everywhere. If street food is not to your liking, you can also find the Seattle Dog in most pubs and bars, and at every Washington sports arena. Just as deep dish pizza is the food to eat in Chicago, and Poutine is the national dish of Montreal, the Seattle Dog rules in

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