Heston Blumenthal: Top Chef In The World

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Heston Blumenthal is a top chef in the world when talking about molecular gastronomy, he prepares his food, using contrasts of flavors to acquire the effects on his dishes. (introduction)

Chef Heston Blumenthal, born in 1966 in West London, his life would completely change in his holiday to France with his parents in 1982. At the time he was 16 years old when he fell in love with the gastronomy in a lunch in the 3-star restaurant called: “L’oustau de Baumaniere” in Provençal, a region of France (p.17). Both the food and the environment pleased him in a way that according to him it was from there that he was passionate about gastronomy and the idea of being a chef.

At age 18, Helton decided to leave school and apply to work in the kitchen
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On the other hand, refusing an offer to continue in a renowned restaurant would help you gain experience and skills for the future.

In 1986, Helton would buy Harold McGee 's "Food & Cooking" book, and Helton would soon identify the type of scientific book language in food, this book served for Helton Blumenthal, the beginning of new ideas for molecular cooking. (Viii as introduction)

(McGee was called the father of the modern cuisine by Helton). (p.31) quotation

After leaving "Le Manoir", Helton went in search of more knowledge about food, traveled to know restaurants and their suppliers, he wanted to see every step so this would help him open his own restaurant. In 1990, he was forced to sell his car to pay for his travels to France. (p.36)

It would take two years, but finally Helton found a place to build his restaurant, it was in 1995 that he found in the village of Bray, a 450-year-old pub called "The Bell". Helton on entering the pub saw his style of restaurant, even being a pub and not a restaurant. (p.45)

Helton before going to Bray to set up his restaurant had to get a job that would help him raise money, in that period he worked as a debt collector, but it did not go
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