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Craig note- Koop from Season 16 of the popular American cooking show Hell`s Kitchen!

**All photos courtesy of Chef Koop** (Enjoy!)

Chef Koop`s Biography


Name : Koop
Hometown : Carey, Ohio Job/Title : Lead Cook – Tavern 101 (Ada, Ohio)
Education : Associate of Applied Science (Culinary Arts) College : Columbus Culinary (Columbus , Ohio)

Tell us a little about yourself, Chef Koop.

The culinary field is not my first career. It is actually my second. I was an auto industry worker before the economic collapse. After my job was downsized due to a slowdown in production, I began a new career search.

After falling in love with cooking at home and a lot of pushing from my family, I enrolled in culinary school. I was very fortunate to find a home …show more content…

They are making a Hell`s Kitchen restaurant in Vegas, but that is not where it is taped

2) From the time we complete challenge dishes until the time they are judged can vary from 15 minutes to almost an hour, every bite of the challenge food that is eaten is cold.

How has the modern dining experience changed in your opinion?

T.V. and social media has changed the modern dining experience the most in my opinion. We eat with our eyes first. And, people want to see pretty food. So, they can share it to social media.

This is aggravating because some pretty food tastes half as good as it look,s but nobody will say it publicly. We need to focus on making food taste great and look pretty.

Not just make the food visually appealing…

Do you feel today`s chefs in a world of increasing automation are an endangered species?

Not one bit.

You will never automate how to make good quality food. Automation in the fast food industry will kill those jobs. That’s a fact. But, there is no fear of that happening in a restaurant that makes quality

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