Chekhov And Oates Analysis

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While Chekhov and Oates present us with a similar story line, we are still presented with two very different stories, the way it is told, the journey we get to follow is unique in their own way in each of the stories. Yet one key element stays the same in the original version from Chekhov as in the Oates version: We are confronted with the inner change of a person through love.
Gurov, weary of his marriage, encounters the young, adventurous Anna who wants to escape the tedious provincial life during a trip. In the decadent summer mood of Yalta Gurov begins an affair with her - just one among many, as he believes. But back in Moscow, he cannot forget about the beautiful Anna, and they meet again. What has started as a harmless holiday flirt, develops into a serious love relationship. Torn back and forth between what they feel and what they believe to be right.
I think the key difference between Chekhov’s and Oates stories is the character relationship one takes away when reading through these two works. In
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You automatically dissect the second story much more, look for all the similarities, pay attention to see which details are completely different, and also, after reading the first version it is inevitable to already have a sort of understanding of the characters, an opinion formed, so to me it was interesting to see how certain views or expectations I had got somewhat altered while reading the second version. It is exciting to enter the second version not exactly knowing what to expect. While I initially had the reaction of feeling connected to Anna in Oates story, and feeling for her, enjoying her side of the story, reading how Oates gave Anna a voice that she did not have in the Chekhov version, I would still have to say that I prefer the Chekhov
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