Chelation Therapy Research Paper

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Chelation therapy is used by a wide range of people to help remove heavy metal toxins and also some places have used this therapy for autism treatments. It is a chemical process where a synthetic solution called ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) is injected into the bloodstream to remove heavy metals/ minerals from the body. They believe that using this therapy for autism is helpful because proponents believed that autism was caused by mercury exposure that were in childhood vaccinations and chelation therapy is said to be able to remove the mercury from the body, however they have not found a connection between mercury exposure and autism and they have also found that there are too many high risks treating autism with chelation therapy. Chelation is originally from the Greek root word “chele,” which means “claw”. In the early 1900’s, chelation agencies at first designed was for industrial applications; it wasn’t until World War II that the potential for medical therapy was recognized. The original goal was to develop antidotes to poison gas and radioactive contaminants. Even though…show more content…
In the past decades it has taken on many roles and played a big part of the medical field for people suffering from heavy metal poisoning. This treatment option was a major breakthrough for its time; the people that discovered how chelation therapy would help individuals with heavy metal poisoning would be like scientists finding a new way to decrease the death rate for cancer in today’s time. Even though I had never even heard of this type of therapy before, I found it very interesting and fun to learn about. It has most definitely opened my eyes in a whole new perspective. You never truly appreciate something until you break it apart and see what it is made up of on the inside I

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