Chelsea Does Marriage Informative Speech

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Marriages have taken place long before history started being recorded. In olden days, it was a way for families to secure alliances. Cousins marrying cousins was common and babies were a must. For men of power, polygamy was the norm, but when the Catholic church came along monogamy was established and became the way of marriage. It was a different time, but some of the values still linger in households today. Chelsea Handler’s new Netflix mini-series, “Chelsea Does…,” explores and discuss different hot topics in society. Her first episode entitled “Chelsea Does Marriage,” dives into what marriage is today and the different values of matrimony. She interviews several people and delivers her take on it. After marrying the love of your life you would hope for happily ever after. Unfortunately, life isn’t always a fairytale and in America where the divorce rate is 40 to 50 percent, according to the American Psychological Association, many do not understand the reasoning behind matrimony. The average length of a marriage is eight years, and finding a couple who surpasses this time span is rare. That’s not to say that love is dead in America, in fact, when people remarry (whether a new spouse or the same one) the marriage tends to last. In the beginning of “Chelsea Does Marriage,” several couples sit…show more content…
Certain types of marriages are still struggling for approval from society, but there has been a vast growth in acceptance within the last one hundred years. In fact, interracial marriages are occurring more and more. Loving v. Virginia was a 1958 case in which the state of Virginia tried to prohibit blacks and whites from marrying. The Supreme Court ruled that state bans on interracial marriages were unconstitutional. Over 50 years later, black and white couples are able to date and be
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