Chelsey Vowel Reflection

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1) What did I learn from this assignment?
From reading Chelsey Vowel's novel, I learned plenty about myself as an Indigenous person living in "Canada". The greatest thing I took away from this assignment is that I need to embrace my Indigenous culture more and be proud to be who I am. There has been movement on how the citizens of "Canada" view Indigenous people, but at times I am still hesitant to identify as an Indigenous person. When discussing with my group during the book club I realized that there are still some people who have narrow views of these people. This individual's argument was that we (the Indigenous people) are a minority and that the past is in the past, so there is no need to put such a large emphasis on them as there are many other cultures in Canada
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Being an Indigenous person, I feel as though I could learn a lot from visiting my reserve and hearing about their specific folklore and challenges they had to face to be awarded the land they have today. Another path I could follow to learn more about Indigenous people is to take courses regarding the topic. Although the University of Guelph does not offer any direct Indigenous studies courses there are online classes through other universities I could look into. I know that the university in my hometown (Algoma University) offers Indigenous studies which I could look into taking over the summer. Coupled with taking courses to further my knowledge, I could start going to the Aboriginal Resource Center (ARC) on campus, which offers a variety of learning opportunities. These opportunities include sharing circles, soup & bannock on Wednesday’s, visits from the elders and many more depending on the time of year. This is a great opportunity for me to learn about my culture while at the University of
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