Chelsey Vowel Post-Reflection

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1) What did I learn from this assignment?
From reading Chelsey Vowel's novel, I learned plenty about myself as an Indigenous person living in "Canada". The greatest thing I took away from this assignment is that I need to embrace my Indigenous culture more and be proud to be who I am. There has been movement on how the citizens of "Canada" view Indigenous people, but at times I am still hesitant to identify as an Indigenous person. When discussing with my group during the book club I realized that there are still some people who have narrow views of these people. This individual's argument was that we (the Indigenous people) are a minority and that the past is in the past, so there is no need to put such a large emphasis on them as there are many other cultures in Canada that were oppressed in many ways and they do not get special treatment. Nevertheless, once hearing all the positive things my other classmates said during our discussion I am proud to say that am an Indigenous person belonging to the Wikwemikong band.
Throughout the novel, Vowel brought light to an aspect I had never thought about prior to this reading this novel. The point she brought up was that Indigenous people never truly consented to being Canadian and how this leads some Indigenous people to not identify as Canadian. Having been raised off
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The term Vowel decided to address non-Indigenous people as was “settlers” which I can agree with in some respects because at some point individuals must immigrate to “Canada”. However, for those whom have been here for multiple generations truly did not settle in “Canada”, it is all they have ever known. I believe that a revision in what to call non-indigenous people is needed as “settlers” seems like a quite offensive term to individuals’ who identify as Canadian and only that, but that is just my personal
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