Chemical Dependency

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Chemical dependency is a complex topic that includes a lot of information when it is being learned or spoken about. As a speaker it is important to deliver a topic that is very complex with simplicity and clarity. When speaking about this topic, defining the terminologies that is associated with the topic before going in depths will help the audience to follow along. This speech includes three main topics followed by subtopics. The main topics of this speech are as follow; Important Terminology, The hormones of the brain and its functions in relation to the drugs that are involved with these hormones, and the treatments and programs that patients undergo. The terminologies that is associated with this topic are; Chemical Dependency, Brain, dual diagnoses, and treatment. The definition of these terms is delivered through the medical dictionary, or in google search. Chemical Dependency is defined as a physical and psychological habituation to mood or mind altering drugs. Denotative definition of the brain id define as an organ of soft nervous tissue contained in the skull of vertebrates, functioning as the coordinating center of sensation, intellectual and nervous activity. Dual Diagnoses refers to patients with both severe mental illness and drug and alcohol abused. When it comes to the medical definition of…show more content…
2015). There were few hormones mentioned but only three will be talked about in this speech. One of this neurotransmitter is Endorphin which involved in pain relief; opioid and depressants are the drugs that affect the function of this neurotransmitter. Next is Serotonin which regulate moods and impulsivity; the drug related to this is Hallucinogens. Lastly Dopamine which include the regulation of movements, rewards, punishments, pleasure and energy; Cocaine and Marijuana affect this function within the
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