Environmental Effects Of Water Pollution Essay

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Chemical Engineering: Effects of Water Pollution Water, H2O, is the most substantial substance on the earth. It is essential for drinking, cooking, keeping plants alive, and even fishing. However, the numbers of effects of water pollution are growing. Basically, numbers of industries are increasing; therefore, more factories are throwing their industrial wastes in water. In addition, some countries in the tropical regions are suffering from lack of water flow and that would also lead to water pollution. Furthermore, sewage and fertilizers affect water negatively, and this is known as a harmful algal bloom. There are some important effects of water pollution on different aspects, such as human being, marine ecosystem, and countries’…show more content…
One example is eutrophication which causes a dense growth of plant life leading to the death of marine life from lack of oxygen. This is significant because it has serious, long-term effects. The most remarkable effect of eutrophication is blocking light from reaching the water. Smith and Schindler (2009) investigated that eutrophication prevents the aquatic plants from photosynthesizing and that would lead to reductions in fishes and in the food chain in general. In addition, when fishes die from lack of oxygen, they sink to the bottom, and the microbes that break down the organisms need oxygen to continue this process. Thus, that is another effect of lack of oxygen. Consequently, the water would become hypoxic and aquatic creatures would not…show more content…
Human being, marine ecosystem, and countries’ economy are the main factors that are affected by water contamination. Drinking polluted water and eating poisoned seafood would cause many health issues, such as cancers and kidney diseases. As a consequence of water pollution, marine life is suffering from oxygen deficiency, and the continuous numbers of deaths are increasing. As a result, the economies of the exporter countries would find reduction in the amounts of the aquatic animals. Also, high costs of water desalinations affect the economy of the countries that are suffering from the polluted

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