Chemical Engineering: Chemical Engineering Effects Of Water Pollution

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Chemical Engineering: Effects of Water Pollution Water, H2O, is the most substantial substance on the earth. It is essential for drinking, cooking, keeping plants alive, and even fishing. However, the numbers of effects of water pollution are growing. Basically, numbers of industries are increasing; therefore, more factories are throwing their industrial wastes in water. In addition, some countries in the tropical regions are suffering from lack of water flow and that would also lead to water pollution. Furthermore, sewage and fertilizers affect water negatively, and this is known as a harmful algal bloom. There are some important effects of water pollution on different aspects, such as human being, marine ecosystem, and countries’ economy.
To begin with, humans are greatly affected by water pollution, specifically in their drinking water. This is important because human bodies consist of 70% water. Thus, they need to drink around 3 liters of water daily. Therefore, drinking polluted water could cause health issues. Smith, Lingas and Rahman (2009) stated that millions of people around the world suffer from gastrointestinal diseases caused by polluted water. Actually, some of them die from cancers caused by contaminated water, including bladder, stomach and kidney cancers. As a consequence, if the drinking water continued to be toxic, numbers of health issues like cancers would increase even more, and they would lead to enormous numbers of deaths that are caused by

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