Code Of Ethics In Chemical Engineering

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This report discloses the role of a professional chemical engineer in the petroleum industry. Engineers have to work in many disciplines, varying from role to role such as designing to commissioning. Engineers have played a vital role in advancement of science and technology. From making first watch to nuclear advancements, all are the hard work of an engineer. To be successful in the field of engineering, one must have certain qualities. Chemical engineers use applied rules and principles of chemistry follow by engineering problem solving techniques, to form a production procedures of chemicals and there treatments. They design industrial or commercial scale production plants for chemical products follow by their production supervision…show more content…
For example, the Australian code of ethics which consists of:

Must be honest and trustworthy
Must be able to solve problem proficiently
Must demonstrate leadership qualities
Must be able to encourage sustainability
Engineers must follow the above mentioned codes of ethics in order not to compromise the safety of themselves and their fellows. Not following these code of ethics may cause the loss of lives and money. Some of the tragedies occurred for not following the code of ethics are as follows. November 20, 1980: A Texaco oil rig drilled into a salt mine transforming the Lake Peignoir, a freshwater lake before the accident, into a salt water lake. February 15, 1982: Newfoundland, Canada. The mobile offshore oil rig Ocean Ranger is struck by a rogue wave off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada and sinks with the loss of all 84 crew. July 23, 1984: Romeoville, Illinois, Union Oil refinery explosion killed 19 people. November 19, 1984: San Juanico Disaster, an explosion at a liquid petroleum gas tank farm killed hundreds and injured thousands in San Juanico,
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