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Personal Statement Over a casual dinner-table conversation a few years ago with a chemical engineer, my curiosity about his profession led to quite an engaging discussion between us. I was amazed by the several innovations brought about by the Chemical Engineering fraternity which have changed the lives of so many people across the globe. For example, he told me the dramatic change in the gasoline production levels which came about due to the Houdry Process in 1934. It set me thinking on what a remarkable opportunity I had to channelize my love of chemistry & physics to pursue my higher education in the field of chemical engineering & make a career in this field. Once in college, I found that chemical engineering was much more exciting than I had imagined it to be. The core subjects of chemical engineering have applications in so many fields that a chemical engineer can apply his knowledge to many diverse areas. In this rich and vibrant research scenario, I want to combine core concepts with synthetic chemistry to solve challenging…show more content…
The aim of my study will be to gain an in-depth understanding of basic concepts through the course work and amass experience in experimental methods, modelling and simulation tools through the thesis project. To this end, I want to build a strong foundation by focussing on core concepts like kinetics, transport phenomena while expanding my horizons by choosing electives such as EAS 503: Energy Systems & Policy , EAS 510: Tech Comm & Acad Writing, ESE 504: Intro to Optimization Theory and background courses from Chemistry and Mathematics. A subject which particularly interests me is Chemical Reaction engineering and Catalysis. Luckily, I got a chance to work on catalyst development in the lab of Dr.K.K.Pant of IIT Delhi on a project titled ‘Oxidative steam reforming of Ethanol’. Besides giving me my first insight into the world of

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