Chemical Engineering Personal Statement

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The above maxim resonates with me. I was born into a middle class family with ordinary educational background. My father was a first genration college student and took up teaching for high school as profession. My mother completed tenth grade and is a housewife. They had to work hard to put my brother and me through college but they imbibed the value of knowledge in us from a young age. I took up engineering as a career due to my innate interest but I was the first in my family to attend a univeristy with diversified community or to choose chemical engineering. So, transition into university was one the hardest things I had to do. I could overcome this and turn things around thanks to the support from faculty, friends and mentors I met later…show more content…
I faced challenges adjusting into diverse student community from across India and heavy coursework but the contentment of learning fundamentals of chemical engineering from some of the best faculty of India acted as an anchor amidst all the confusion. To comprehend these fundamentals I took up industrial training for a duration of two months in \textbf{Vizag steel plant} a public sector company. During this training, I saw discrete peices of knowledge I obtained till then fit together like cogs in a wheel to ensure smooth operation of plant. This experience reinvigorated my interest for the field of chemical engineering. For my final year thesis I worked with \textbf{Prof.R.C.Sastry} on a project \textsl{'Production of Polyethylene Terephthalate'} : designing a pilot plant for PET prodcution from scratch. This task introduced me to the plethora of details that needs to considered and balanced while designing a chemical plant. During the placement drive , I was selected to work for \textbf{Dr. Reddy's Laboratories} which is one of the best pharmacuetical organizations in
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