Chemical Engineering Admission Essay Sample

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Chemical Engineering appeals to me because of the challenges involved in the application of scientific theory to practical, real world problems. I am aware that in today's world chemical engineering has an increasingly important role across a wide range of industries from pharmaceuticals to petrochemicals. The broad range of career paths, and the opportunity to contribute to society through technological innovation, is for me, one of the main attractions of chemical engineering. Especially coming from a long generation of watchmakers I have been drawn to the attention to detail that is required in this field.
Through sheer hard work and my absolute devotion in O Level and A Levels and by getting 1st rank in A Levels in my class, the opportunity of a full scholarship in undergraduate landed on my doorstep. That was only made possible due to my commitment for chasing a career in something I absolutely believed to be my dream. After enrolling at METU, I experienced a different world opening up to me; excited and thrilled by a new encouraging environment, I excelled academically gaining high honors status. I learned that if I tried hard, I could succeed; if I wanted something badly enough, I possessed the ability to take advantage of these opportunities. Due to my outstanding performance I was the …show more content…

In my own quest for a suitable graduate program, I was thrilled to learn that the university was among the top 15 research universities in Canada and that their research work is extensive. In addition, U of S provides an ideal climate for me to develop my cross-disciplinary interests. In particular, the presence of a faculty with a diverse set of background and each specializing in different areas would foster, I hope, fruitful discussion with different professors and help me broaden and enrich my

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