Chemistry 101 Chemistry

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Many people do not realize that chemistry is a part of our day to day lives. One specific thing we see on a daily basis is the colors and paint people use in paintings, on buildings, and any other place paint could be. When this paint is developed, the people who make it have to decide exactly what the compound should be made up of. This is an important thing to consider when making these paints because as discussed in Chemistry 101 lab, compounds are different things that develop one item, in this case it is paint. They have to make sure that the paint is homogenous because if it was heterogeneous when being applied, the paint would not go on well. The creators of the paint discuss the different ways to make sure the compound is homogenous,…show more content…
It has been so amazing taking this class because so many things are developed from the knowledge of chemistry. Before this class, I have never realized how much of my life actually revolved around it. It is so awesome to think that every time I go into my room and see the painting on the wall, chemistry was used to come up with the optimal paint used for it. It is also fascinating that temperature has such a large role in the compound of the paint itself. I have always noticed that the paint on houses in Arizona always seems to chip faster that the houses in a slightly colder area. This could be because of the lack of chemistry knowledge the painters when developing the paint. As time has gone on and people have learned more and more about chemistry, I have noticed a difference in the quality of paint. I also think it is fascinating that we just did an experiment with cabbage and the color of that was such a vibrant purple. It is really awesome that people could figure out that when heat is added to the cabbage, that beautiful color was released and they have a color that has the ability to be used as a dye. Chemistry is used all around us, we just need to open our
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