Chemistry In The Global Economy: Business Analysis

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Chemistry has a role to play in the extraction of many elements in the global economy. One of the elements that are in demand of the global economy is sodium. Sodium is needed because the element is ranked high in the global market. Element is needed for producing table salt, otherwise known as sodium chloride. Its natural chemical form In the Earth is found as sodium and chloride, which are found separately. Scientists bond sodium chloride making it sodium chloride. We humans need to extract sodium and chloride to make sodium chloride which is using everything table salt this is important because we humans eat pretty much every thing with it. Salt has many uses for instance preserving goods, and is also used for making lye and certain soaps…show more content…
Sodium is one of the hardest elements in the periodic table and it is one of the most reactive elements in the periodic table. The process is painstakingly hard and is done mostly in Africa in the areas of the Sahara and east Africa. It is also very painstaking because sodium is so reactive it reacts with the skin of the workers, also the workers have to travel with the sodium through the desert which is very difficult and has to be dry at all times. Also if it gets even a little bit wet you have to wait until it dries out so that they can continue the travel without the sodium breaking apart. The workers also have to deal with crystal elements, which have to be broken down with stone tools (pick axe). The workers have to be careful because as soon as impact occurs the sodium has been contaminated thus rendering it unusable. The travel costs are very expensive, as the workers have to take care of camels, as they have to ride them, as this is the most efficient way to travel. Chemistry plays a role in extracting the elements sodium and chloride. As the element sodium is a brittle solid before the element is extracted and after the steps taken to extract It becomes a soft solid when latterly combined with the extracted version of chloride it becomes a clear, crystal like element that we humans call salt (sodium chloride). First, the workers have to get the crystal sodium and the chemists have to produce chloride. Then, the elements are gathered at a science lab and they start to react the elements with each other creation sodium chloride. The process of making sodium chloride isn’t difficult because sodium absorbs liquid and chloride is a liquid. Sodium is very reactive and there for is not easy to transport. It is so reactive that it even reacts with water. Overall, there were bad morals in producing this element because the employers most likely didn’t pay the

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