Chemistry Lab Reflection

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Chemistry, we all have heard this term and have managed to create our own definition. It could stand for a connection we share with someone, or it could simple be a class we have taking either in high school or college. Most students have taken a chemistry class while in high school, but for me I had my first class the beginning of my freshman year of college. In college chemistry it was divided into two separate periods, which will be averaged together later to determine if I would pass or fail this class. The two sections include lecture, and lab. When it comes to dealing with the lecture and lab there are many concepts related to lecture and lab but the main one that strikes us the most is the difficulty of the course. With this being a…show more content…
Lab has a much smaller class size with the maximum of twenty students, which allows us to have a better connection with the professor. The assignments also have a role on how difficult a college level class can be, with lecture all we really must take good notes, complete end of chapter questions, and pass the quizzes. Lab does not have as many assignments to concern ourselves with, the main assignment is turning in a lab report bases on each experience completed. Both assignments for lecture and lab are both difficult especially if we have no idea what we are doing. At the end of the semester both sections will determine whether we pass or not. Like we discussed before the main assignment for a chemistry lab is to write a lab report, if the process is explained in the correct way it will become one of the easiest assignments we will ever have to complete. When it comes to doing a lab report there are five parts to keep…show more content…
For one if we measure the chemicals wrong it could cause our results to be off, which could result in the whole experiment wrong and make a lower grade on the assignment. The one mishap I had while in chemistry lab was when I burnt my hand on the rig that held up the beaker with boiling water, if we do not pay attention to what we are doing we can end up hurting someone in the

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