Chemistry Monologue

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Science. The most magical place in school. It was filled with so much chemistry. I absolutely hated it. The teacher was doing everything he could to make my life hell, and he succeeded many times. One of his major schemes was moving me. You ended up sitting at the table with the popular gang. The ones who would always talk and never listen to the teacher. I could tell that you hated them with passion from the look of disgust you would constantly throw at them, that is when you thought no one was looking. I sat at a really nice table. Both of the guys were really sweet, and would always make me laugh. Now sitting next to you, there was this girl that constantly talked. What is even better is that the teacher hated her, even more than you did. One day he suddenly had enough of her that he decided to swap her seat. With who you may ask? Me. Of course, it was me. I was forced to sit right next to you for the whole semester. You honestly weren 't even bad, it was really the other kids at the table. Oh, they made my life hell, even more than the teacher. To keep myself busy and quiet, I always had a book with me. A book I would always read during class while hiding it under my table. I know we exchanged a few words, something along the lines of what the other got on the classwork. Yes, that was it. Shocker.…show more content…
Now because of this, that kid started shipping us. At first, both of us ignored this and continued on with our lives, but he came up with ship names, and that was when all hell broke loose. Both of us told him to shut up, but I was the one who really got pissed. I was in no mood to go through what I went through in elementary. You simply told him to stop and ignored him, even when he drew a heart with both our initials on it. When I told that kid off, he said that it was for his other friends. Really? Come on, we are nowhere near that stupid. I finally stopped after I ended up winning a heated argument against him, but still, he silently shipped us
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