Synthesis Of Aspirin

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The chemical I will be looking at today is Aspirin. Aspirin is a medicine that was first produced 110 years ago. It came from salicylic acid found in plants such as the willow, and since then it has always been used. In 3000 BC the Egyptians used myrtle and willow to stop and reduce ones pains or fevers. In 30 AD Roman and Greek physicians discovered that the willow leaf could cure and help inflammation. There was one problem, the taste of the salicylic acid had a horrible taste causing vomiting and stomach pains, and so in 1853 a scientist called Charles Gerhardt found a solution. Dr. Gerhardt was the first man to prepare ASA by adding acetyl chemical to the salicylic acid but it was still an unstable form. In 1897 Felix Hoffmann made ASA…show more content…
Aspirin is synthesized through three different steps, the synthesis of the aspirin, the isolation and the purification and finally the purity estimation of the final product. It involves the reaction of acetic anhydride and salicylic acid in the presence of phosphoric acid = H3PO4. After the aspirin is synthesised it then mist be isolated form the reaction solution and purified. This procedure is a possible experiment to execute at a…show more content…
Due to the fact that aspiring inhibits the formation of prostaglandins it minimizes the barrier protecting the stomach, which when in excess leads to ulcers. It is estimated that in the US 16,000 people die each year because of the consumption of aspirins. This is because several people have shown hypersensitivity to aspirin that can develop into asthma and subsequent complications. Aspirin is known to be a common poison among children, because treating a child for any disease using aspirin causes the possible development of syndrome of ray that destroys the brain and liver, it being fata 40% of the cases. The substances in aspirin and in paracetamol affect the brains development of the embryo meaning that pregnant women cant take aspirin. Aspirin also reduces the amount of red blood cells in our

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