Chemp Program Case Study

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1. How the work you have done as a CHW impacted the success of the CHAMP program? The work I have done as a CHW has impacted the success of the CHAMP program because I was able to build a trusting relationships with participants along with that I was also very supportive always encouraging them to do their best in getting their goals met and not giving up too soon. I have helped participants by providing them with wellness and health education. I have also used my bilingual skills to teach the Hispanic population to choose a healthier lifestyle because there is a great need in educating the minority population because they are at a higher risk developing diabetes, high cholesterol, and cardiovascular diseases. 2. What impact you have made…show more content…
How has the CHAMP program helped participants? How has it impacted their health? CHAMP program has helped participants make changes by addressing unhealthy behaviors of poor nutrition habits and decreased physical activity that can lead to health risk and diseases such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases. CHAMP also provides a healthy recipe to participants weekly to motivate them to eat healthier meals. In the program we also weigh them to inform them about their weights whether they are healthy or not. We also let them know if their BMI’s are normal, overweight, or obese. We provide them with a personal nutrition log so participants can keep track of their food intake. Another reason for the food logs would be so that the nutritionist can have a better understanding of what they are eating if they eat enough vegetables, fruits etc. This way the nutritionist has a closer look to their daily diet to help participants reach their goals. CHAMP also provides guidance and advice from the nutritionist, which is a great advantage to the participants. It has impacted their health because they started to eat healthier meals. Now, that they have a better understanding of the consequences of eating empty calories they pay more attention to portion size and eat it in moderation not all the
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