Cher And Emma Comparison Essay

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Emma is portrayed appropriately through Cher, from the Clueless adaption, with evident alikeness to the novel. This is conveyed to readers through the use of similar circumstance, characteristic traits and moralistic value common to both. They are leading protagonists in their tales, both are also part of rich, upper-class society, and furthermore, both are depicted as spoilt and ignorant -- this, is cleverly contrasted with the over confident outlook on matters that they both possess. Emma is represented as someone who prefers to utilise her time to meddle with - or in Emma’s case, ‘manage’ - other people and their matters, such as Harriet. Emma says that Harriet "...should not be wasted on the inferior society of Highbury and its connections",…show more content…
Emma is unable to see that Harriet is already happy amongst the social class that she is already in. This is comparable to Cher, who ‘adopts’ Tai, the new girl - and therefore of lower social status, to manipulate and ‘play with’. Emma assumes the duty to lead Harriet into a more advantageous state. This draws parallels between Emma and Cher, whom also feels the need to give Tai a makeover. Cher honestly believes that she is taking the"lost soul in there and making her well-dressed and popular.” and that “Her life will be better because of me." Also, Cher proudly says, "What, [because] I 'm devoting myself so generously to someone else?" Emma also correspondingly claims to “take notice of her; improve her; detach her from her bad acquaintance, and introduce her to good society." Emma subconsciously knows that Harriet is not bright and aspires only "to be guided by any one she looked up to." She is therefore deemed as the perfect oblivious specimen for Emma to manage. It is made known to readers, that like Emma, Cher, to boost their egos and pride, also do not guide Tai and Harriet as a result of the goodness of her heart. These similarities in both protagonists reveal a better likeness to each other than in the original
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