Cherish Diversity In America Analysis

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Today in class we talked about America and if we cherish diversity. At first the majority of the class said “yes” including myself, but as we finished our debate most of us had gone from “yes” to “no.” Also, in the articles we read in class earlier last week, Patel states that even though Washington had slaves, MLK junior still looked up to him as a great leader, he also states that Washington wanted America to stand for something different. McGregor does not believe America cherishes diversity because she wanted Oscars and acting academy’s to be more equal… most academy awards were given to white males on top of not having even one female in the directing industry. I believe that America does not cherish diversity because sexism and racism…show more content…
I think that not cherishing diversity makes it an even worse place to live. People should be proud their different from everyone else, it gives us all character and different personalities it lets us decide what we like and do not like in different types of people. If we were all the same, looked the same, thought the same the world would be pretty boring. America cherishes diversity because as said in McGregor’s article “almost every academy award went to a white male” that says something. America may have finished thinking and treating other races differently but isn’t their a slight chance racism and sexism still exist? I disagree when Patel states “in this new nation, the new president was saying, people would have their identities respected, their freedoms protected, their safety secured…” nothing up there has actually happened. Yes, I believe that we are a lot better than what we were 100 years ago, but its still around. Everyone has been made fun of or called a name on what they believe at least once in their life. Are their identities respected? No. a boy not to long ago was arrested at his
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