Cherlin Working Class Family Summary

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1) In 2-3 sentences, what is Cherlin’s main point in this chapter? Are you convinced by his argument? Why or why not? Cherlin’s in his introduction explores the changing dynamics of working class family in America. Ultimately, he concludes that the concept of working-class family in which wife is a homemaker and husband the sole provider for the family no longer exist. He bases his conclusions on the premise that shift in cultural attitudes and lack of livable wages for working class have created alternative forms of cohabitation, where the partners aren’t married and have children out of wed-lock, which have been replacing the standard family unit—although in an unstable manner. I am convinced by his arguments because current ideas of…show more content…
The census bureau only recently started collecting data in a way that gives us a nationally representative view of the economic lives of same-sex partnerships. After reading the Black et al article, what additional information do you think it would be important to know? i.e. what is missing from this analysis? Black et al, explores several explanatory variables in relation to same sex household such as income, college education, location, and market specialization. Although not an exhaustive list, they do encompass most of the characteristics on which comparisons between homo and heterosexual couples can be made. However, I would have liked to see distributions of same sex couple based on their education level and their respective child adoption. Black et al. do provide data for education level, but they do not provide rates of adoption given educational level. I think it would be important to see this measure because it would allow us to examine whether lack of adoption had anything to do with education or that same-sex couple didn’t want to have kids---under the assumption that transaction cost are same for both types of couples Nonetheless, I would like to know how children in either environment performed overtime and whether we would face similar difficulties in collecting data since now same-sex marriage is legal because of which some of the costs that same sex couple face is
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