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The Chernobyl nuclear power plant is located in Ukraine, 20 kilometers from south of the border with Belarus city. When the time of the accident, the plant had 4 working reactors.
The tragedy wasoccurred on 26 April 1986, when the operators of the power plant ran a check on an electrical control of one of the reactors. The accident happened because, a combination of a basic engineering shortage in the reactor and unusual actions of the operators, the safety factors was off, and the reactors was operated under an improper planning, unsuitable conditions and also situations that may cause an uncontrollable stage.
This waslead to a worst caseof events consequential in a series of horrifyingexplosions and the subsequent burning which totally
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The research is to discover specific current priority and longer term requirements for further researchwhere necessary to evaluate the feasibility of conducting studies in the identified research areas.It also helps to evaluate the scientific value and the drawback of the proposed research, as well as the considered resource needs, potential conclusion, and risks of any further studies with available data on external radiation to appraise their relative strength.

1. The Causes Of The Chernobyl Accident

The causes of the explosion were of 3 types, whichare Design errors, Faults of management and errors committed by the operating staff and Political View.

1.1 Design Errors

The RBMK reactor is unstable under 700 Megawatts-thermal. At low power, the reactor is difficult to control. This very unsafe feature and characteristic of RBMK design. The Chernobyl blast occurs during a check at low power, which is at a second when the reactor was unstable. In the RBMK reactor the neutron mediator consists of 600 tonnes of graphite. It's not so much a design error but improper assets of that material.RBMK reactors contain neither a system to pass through a filter exhaust gases nor a containment
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The Chernobyl blast and the dangerous effects to community health which followed were made promising by a political system which refinedprivacy and which not moderator it useful to give main concern to the development of a culture and safety personalized to the function of nuclear reactors. The Chernobyl disaster was above all a Soviet incident.
This serious short of culture for safety appears at 3 levels, the design of theRBMK reactor, the process of the RBMKreactor and the lack of a preparation of conduct to be taken in case of a serious calamity. Other than that, strong effort will be done to train the operating staff. However, compared to far above the ground level,the safety which the Western countries have insisted, the current situation is not totally tolerable and more improvement is needed.At last, emergency plans and procedure to defend the population have been put in place in the

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