How To Write An Essay On Chernobyl

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April 26, 1986 It is a dark tragic night for us who live in Chernobyl, Ukraine. Everyone is terrified, nobody knows what is about to come next or what just happened. There are dead bodies rolling through the streets, animals have gone savage and there are desperate people looking for their family members. Many people got affected by it. Even my close ones. My name is Vlad Chorney. I am 16 years old and I have two parents and five younger siblings. Well, at least I thought I had them. It is impressive how one's life can change in just one second. This morning it was a normal day for everyone. Everyone was doing what they had to be doing. There was a nuclear explosion located 9 miles away. Police officers, fireman and people from the government…show more content…
The city is still paralyzed, peoples life have changed completely. It's traumatizing, people's life have changed not only in life situation like economic status but also in health and appearances. Even though a year has passed a numerous of side effects have come with the explosion. Even though many have suffered, it is impressive how citizens have gotten together to help out the rest. Even the ones who have nothing are donating and helping out. The help does not only come from Chernobyl, other countries are donating lots of money to help Chernobyl become safe again. The government decided to give all families some money to survive and for all the living expenses necessary. My mother was just detected with cancer due to the explosion. Keeping up with this life is very difficult, I am the one who is responsible for giving them bread and water each day. I am also the one in charge to get my mom the necessary medicines. Getting my family the proper food is very difficult. Due to the explosion, it all got contaminated, specially the milk because it had iodine. This past year has been very hard on me. Maintaining a family is definitely not an easy job, I definitely miss my dad and would give anything to spend one more day with
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