Personal Narrative Essay: The Death Of Chernobyl

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(First person experience of German scientist working on a cure for the mutants, Dr.Edward Richtofen) It is April 26, 1986 and Chernobyl has just exploded. It has killed 31 people and almost 4,000 people could have long-term effects. That is where it gets scary. It is almost 30 years later and those 4,000 people died, but that’s what the public thinks. They think that they are dead, but the Russians have leaked that the people have died; they have come back...from the dead. The Russians have had them kept up in huge prison cells. They have become too strong and have mated and created many more. So many that they have not been able to keep them contained. They have had a mutated-humanoid outbreak. The scientists have taken out as many as they…show more content…
I yell at them, but soon realize that that was a horrible mistake. I hear the first bullet fire towards me and slam into the concrete slab a meter from my head. I have to surrender to them, or else I will surely be killed. I see a ripped up section of a dress a few meters away. I decided to grab it and wave it up in the air in defeat, but they just wouldn’t stop shooting. So I devised a plan to run through the alley way about 30 meters away from my location. I decide to bolt to the alley way. As soon as I start running they take a shot, but gladly it just grazes my cheek. I still have the scar to prove it. The shock of the shot knocked me out cold. It hit a little further in than I had first imagined. Well next thing I know, I am surrounded by an American soldier; Tank Dempsey, a Japanese soldier; Takeo Masaki, and a Russian soldier; Nikolai Belinski. Asking me three questions: How many mutants have I killed, how many people have I killed, and why. I haven’t killed anybody since I was in the lab. I was the most cunning of the scientists so I was the last one alive. I had to put down so many of my friends. So I had to talk about that with my possible new group. I ask them if they have room for one more. They walked over to the other side of the room to discuss all I could hear was from Nikolai, who was talking a little too loud but I think that he was purposely doing that…show more content…
We all set onward to my homeland, but we all heard that the group of mutants has moved to Germany and has multiplied substantially. During the first few hours not much happened, all we did was go to a few houses to scavenge for some supplies. we didn’t really need any supplies. we had enough to last us a few weeks to a month if we eat only when necessary. The only time we had that was actually scary was when Nikolai and Takeo went out for supplies at night and didn’t come back for a day. We found them passed out in a small jail about a mile down the road. They said they only intended to stay for the night so they locked themselves up in a cell, and the key was so rusted that it broke. They were going to wait till we came( they had a hole large enough to see outside) and they would yell for us when they saw us. They said it was empty except for a few mutants, but they found something very ‘scientifical’ as Nikolai put it. As they brought me to it, I realized what it might be. It was the same type of rock that was at Ground Zero at

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