Cherokee, Chickasaw, Muscogee-Cree And Seminole Indians

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Native Americans had once dominated the land now called America, but eventually, their lives would be destroyed by European Colonization. In arrival/ settlement of Europeans, a drastic change for Native Americans occurred forcing them to submit to White settlers, choosing between assimilation into a White culture or preserving their heritage and ancestry. A number of negative results would occur including disease, loss of land, and loss right of self-governing, with no remorse to Native American culture. At this point in time five Indian tribes are recognized as civilized, those being; Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Muscogee-Cree, and Seminole Indians, because of their acceptance to the acculturation that George Washington had proposed. Presidents striving goal at this time was to guide our nation to an agricultural base structure, so that we may be independent as a nation. Under Jackson’s time a slight shift was made one that left a scaring mark in this counties history. Jackson was a well determined man, set on just one prior…show more content…
Between June and December of 1838, more than 15 thousand Cherokees were forced to depart their homes in the southern Appalachians and walk over a thousand miles to new Indian Territories. Approximately 4 to 8 thousand Cherokee Indians died on their journey of, the Trail Where They Cried. This removal became the most renowned, as if it was the poster board for all the wrong, the Removal Act of 1830 imposed. Although there were other walks that occurred by different tribes, the Cherokee 's was one of pure disaster. The Cherokee 's walk to their new homes was a genocide performed by the American government. Once more, proof to show that Jackson was too harsh and cruel to hear out the groups willing to work with America. The 1838 trail of tears was a tragedy purely because of poor evaluation from the
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