Cherokee Girl Rites Of Passage Analysis

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The “Medicine Bag” and the “Apache Girl Rites of Passage” are two things done by two different cultures to introduce the children into their adulthood. The two events are to show that the child is growing up and they are becoming an adult. These two are very different from each other and very similar but they are both about growing up and becoming an adult. The “Apache Girl Rites of Passage” and the “Medicine Bag” are very similar to each other. The “Apache Girl Rites of Passage” and the “Medicine Bag” are similar to each other because they both are things that a culture does to show the growing up / adulthood of a child. They are both similar because Dachina and Martin both grow through a trip where they realize that there expectations change and that they are growing up, Martin at the end of the story begins to realize how big of a deal it is and you can tell that he realizes that he is a man now and he needs to act like one. Dachina and Martin also both go through a…show more content…
You can understand it because it gives you detail about what’s happening and why that is happening. The faces of everybody in the video help you understand how they feel about Dachina and her going through adulthood. Also the video helps you see the changes of Dachina before and after “The Apache Girls Rites of Passage”. In conclusion, “The Apache Girl’s Rite of Passage” and “The Medicine Bag” are very different but there are also many similarities between the two events. These two events are a huge part of each of their cultures and is a big milestone in their life. After this milestone in their life many things change , including expectations. For example, you become more “mature” and become an “adult” and you need to act like one. These two events are a huge milestone of each of their cultures and is super important in different
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