Cherokee Indian Removal

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The Cherokee, a small tribe of Indians, has been forced to move from their homeland after John Ridge met secretly US official to sign a removal treaty for the selling of Cherokee’s land. Ridge and almost 2000 Cherokee migrated to Oklahoma while the vast majority of the population ignored the illegal treaty and remained on their lands. When the deadline of removal past, the general Winfield Scoot arrived in Georgia with seven thousand soldiers with the orders to remove the Cherokee. And this action was the decline of the Cherokee. After reading the book about writing by John Ehle about the Cherokee nation, we can try to analyze the impact of this removal in the Cherokee’s live.
This book has to main point the suffering of the Cherokee nation
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For examples by sayings “dangerous time coming land, route resulting in hundreds and thousands of deaths.” He wants to show the ruthless and atrocity as a result of the removal that the Cherokee were facing at that period. “Their lands were the center of the earth”. In other words, the homeland were the most important and valuable thing in the world for the Cherokee. Therefore, that they could not even imagine living without this land because it was their heart, their spirit and their identity. This land has been enriched over centuries. One of the most important thing is that he talks a lot about the different Cherokee chiefs throughout the book. From John Ridge to John Ross and explaining the process they did to deal with the problem of removal. This book gives some strong argument and very good explaining about what happened in the removal of the Cherokee tribe by providing explanation and justifiable proof. Even though the author made excellent claims, we notice a little confusion there. While reading this book, we have learned that the Cherokee culture were very close and similar to European, American culture, language, religion and even live hood. But in page 3 of the book, John Ehle said “A Cherokee women had more rights and power than European women……… and the man built a house for her which was considered her property.” This sentence is contrary the previews one because in European and American culture men had more right than omen and are more powerful. And from that perspective I do not see any kind of similarity between the Cherokee and the American and European. It might have a views others similarities but it is not this one for sure. Also, in the last part of the book, the epilogue, he had mention that “there are various estimates and several arguments about the social, cultural and

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