Cherokee Tribe

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First, The cherokee was a tribe that settled in south carolina in the early 1700’s. The cherokee tribe called themselves the “real people”. Their government was very poor that’s why they left their home state. The cherokee was known for living in the mountains and having villages of 600 people. They lived in duabs that had holes in the top so they could have an open fire to cook the food the men hunted. The women made the rules. Their leader was a white leader. Secondly, The yamessess was a tribe that settled in south carolina in the early 1750’s. The people lived in wigwams and cooked clams oysters. They fled from florida because of a poor government. The tribe traded goods for other goods. The women worked around the place while the men did the hard things.…show more content…
They called themselves the “river people” because they lived along the rivers and streams in south carolina. They lived in wigwams with an open fire in the middle with a hole in the roof so they could cook the food that the men killed. The people who lived there were very good artist with clay and pottery. They traded their pottery for other goods. Their government was very strict compared to today 's government. The women cooked and cleaned and provided food for the
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