Cherokee Voices

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Cherokee Voices When the topic about Europeans coming to the New World the first thing that comes to mind is the valiant and audacious Christopher Columbus, the voyager, coming to the New World and peacefully interacting with Native Americans on the same level. Native Americans welcoming in these exotic folks and having no questions about them occupying their land and not becoming hostile. While, Europeans populate the New World and implement a numerous amount of commodities without any repercussions and the best of both worlds unify. This is not at all what occurred. In fact, when Europeans first stepped foot onto what is now the island of Haiti and the Dominican Republican, whilst not having any authorization whatsoever, the Native Americans…show more content…
There are multiple factors as to why it was so difficult for the Natives to convert and modify their ways so that they could live tranquil with the Europeans and one of the major explanations is because they had no control over some of these conditions. For instance, the Columbian Exchange, or as you recall to be the biological exchange between the Old and New Worlds. Within this exchange mainly plants, animals, and microbes. Some plants were intentional to bring over from the Old to the New World to cultivate, harvest and then sell because of Europe 's cold, frigid, and barren terrain, but others were unintentional. This happened by the seeds of plants, weeds, and other vegetation somehow getting on the voyagers clothing and then falling off when they landed on the New World and thriving. A few of these included wheat, oaks, rice, barley, bananas, sugar cane, and even that nice cup of coffee everyone seems to enjoy. Plants that are native to the New World and extended to the Old World were mainly compromised of corn, potatoes, tomatoes, and cocoa. The animals that were transported from Europe were usually cows, horses, pigs, chickens, goats, and sheep while on the other “world” there was only one; the mighty and ferocious llama. These plants and animals were not much harm to the Native Americans when introduced, although one things that was an immense threat were the diseases and the impact they left behind the New World was not known for diseases and are hardly and recordings of them at all before the Europeans settled. However, the Europeans were notorious for illnesses since they were not much for hygiene. Many of these diseases included smallpox, chickenpox, tuberculosis, leprosy, and even the measles. An interesting thing is that the europeans had also brought over malaria to the Incas, in the later years, and they Incas actually
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