Cherry Blossom Industry Analysis

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“The Country of Cherry Blossom” that is a nickname for the state of Japan , Cherry Blossom is a symbol of Japan . For the state of Japan and Japanese public have the power to improve the soul and emotion of encouragement that have embedded in every Japanese person.
This trend also happen in industry in Japan , recently Japanese industrial is no longer developing industry but one of an industry that is successful and keep moving forward in the world . This indicates that emblematic cherry flowers of encouragement is also applied in industry . Almost all aspects industries in japan is currently the world’s greatest producers such as automotive industries , a lot of automotive products Japanese which dominate the world market today .
Based on Japanese experts , Japanese
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Muda (reducing waste) , Mura (less difference) and Muri (less tension).
• Concept of 5S ( Seiri , Seiton , Seiso , Seiketsu and Shitsuke ) . Seiri means tidy workplace . Seiton means an organized arrangement. Seiso means maintaining the workplace in order to keep it clean . Seiketsu means of personal hygiene . Seiketsu means discipline , to always obey workplace procedures
• Concepts of PDCA KAIZEN is a concept in any business activities that we do need to be done with the correct procedure in order to achieve the goals that we expect . Then the PDCA ( Plan , Do, Check and Action ) should be done continuously in an industry .
• Concept 5W + 1H . One of the tools mindset to run the PDCA in KAIZEN activities .
That is the concept which has been the inspiration of Japanese industry management in the world . The concept used by Japanese industry has been proved to improve the effectiveness and efficiency performance of the company to be able to compete in the industrial world

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