Cherry Blossom Analysis

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Cherry Blossom “It was the end of summer and the leaves were falling off the cherry trees. Countless shades of pink and white fell almost like rain, in their journey towards the ground. Maybe it was fate, or maybe it was luck. Or pure coincidence that it would happen on a day like this.” He said. I had been visiting the park every day for a week and a half, sitting on the same bench, three crossings from the entrance, due east. I had seen him before, his beard was short stubbled and grey, yet the hair on top of his head seemed to have held onto its color, ever since his youth. It was brown and thick. His face held many wrinkles, yet they were shallow, allowing me to get an easy impression of how he might have looked decades ago. He had never…show more content…
As are those who can look to their past with only few regrets and see a life full of happy memories. With bright summer days and cozy winter nights with those they love. I envy them. I have never been able to do that.” He said, still smiling as he watched the leaves slowly descent towards the ground. I did not fully understand his words back then. To me he was just an old man, sharing a piece of his heart, giving me a little part of himself and telling me. “Here, take this. It may help guide you someday.” Whether that was his intention I cannot say. “On a day like this, about 40 years ago, I met the girl of my dreams. She was truly beautiful. Her hair was black and straight. Yet on a slightly windy day, it would look like the waves of the ocean. Her face was gentle, except for a sharp chin. She had these, hazel colored eyes that made you feel all calm and warm inside. Her smile was always wide when we were together. Even though we never spoke a word. That smile was the only thing that ever lightened the burden that rested in my heart. Making me forget my worries and problems outside of those fleeting moments.” When he talked about the girl he once knew, his smile turned regretful. For some reason it was still, oddly happy though. Maybe I just didn't understand what he was feeling back
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